Breastfeeding vs Formula Feeding: The Pros and Cons

15 Jul

The debate between breastfeeding and formula feeding has been going on pretty much since the first formula mix came onto the scene. It’s yet another of the major decisions mothers make before their baby is born. Which is right for you and your baby? That is, of course, up to you. But there are pros and cons to both possibilities. Here are some of them:


  • Gives your baby antibodies that are said to protect from allergies.
  • Boosts your baby’s immune system until they build up their own antibodies.
  • In general boost your baby’s health.
  • Gives you and your baby one on oneĀ bonding time.
  • Gives your baby a feeling of security.
  • Gives you an excuse to study your baby’s face and behaviors.
  • Doesn’t require bottles, formula or bottle cleaning equipment.
  • Ready made.


  • Less sleep until baby begins sleeping through the night.
  • Difficult in a public setting if you’re shy or modest.
  • It’s difficult to master.
  • Sore nipples.


  • Easier for travel
  • If you’re unable to breastfeed, the next best thing.
  • Two or more people can take turns feeding the baby.
  • You can still study your baby.
  • Not to difficult to mix.
  • Allows everyone to bond with baby.


  • Requires lots more cleaning and prep equipment.
  • Not an exact replica of breastmilk.
  • Doesn’t contain the same antibodies as breastmilk.

No matter which you choose, don’t let others guilt trip you for not breastfeeding. Formula fed babies grow up to be just as healthy and normal as breastfed babies. Most of it really is only a matter of preference. Good luck!


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