What Mom’s Are Talking About: Q & A From New Moms

15 Jul

Here are more of the great questions from my mom’s group and the answers.

Q: Is anyone feeding their LO Enfamil Newborn? How are you liking it?~Aundrea E.

A: Mine loved it. It was better for him than Similac, which upset his stomach a lot. I prefer the Enfamil. Also, Gerber has been great. He hardly spits up at all. He used to spit up nearly the whole bottle. But as they say, it really depends on your baby.

Q: So now that some of us have a few months under our belt, maybe we can use our “experience” to help those that are still waiting for their little ones. What are 3 items that are/were must haves for you?~Bertha P.

A1: Microwave bottle sanitizer, the munchkin diaper pail and the Boppy lounger.~Bertha P.
A2: Cloud b on-the-go giraffe noise maker, the miracle blanket and the rock’n’play bassinet. ~Steff Q.
A3: Swaddle blankets, swing and tiny love mobile.~Heather G.
A4: Swaddle blanket with sleep sack, Bouncy chair that vibrates, and Bumbo seat.~Tiffany C.
A5: Sleep sack, swaddle blankets with velcro, a swing with music, bouncy seat. Oh and gripe water really helpedu ntil we figured out he was sensitive to lactose!~Amy K.
A6: Microwave sanitizer, boppy aand bouncy chair.~Kellie R.
A7: Boppy nursing pillow, pack n play with bassinet only, burp cloths.~Brittany W.
A8:  Target nursing bra, Any Medela double breast pump & Baby Einstein tummy tim mat.~Jessica C.
A9: Nipple shield, boppy pillow and swaddle sleep sack.~Alissa A.
A10: Stroller, 3-in-1 playpen, convertible rocking chair, his plush frog with rattle.~Gina C.
A11: Swing, swaddle and my nose frida.~Stephanie L.
A12: Swing, boppy, bottle sterilizer and bottle warmer, gel pads for breastfeeding.~Tara F.

Q: My poor baby has chicken pox. She got the Wednesday or Thursday. She’s 13 weeks.

A: I looked it up and you can use calamine lotion as its safe for babies. But you could also use Gentle Naturals Baby Itch Relief Cream or Aveeno Anti-Itch. I’d recommend the las as I have lots in stock from baby shower gifts. I’ve been told it’s great for itchy skin. Definitely put mitts on her hands. Maybe tie ribbon around the bottom so she doesn’t wiggle out of them…but not too tight. Don’t want to cut off circulation. Avoid scratchy fabrics. Cotton will be the most soothing for her and be sure the clothes are loose and possibly a bit baggy so they don’t cause more discomfort. If you can, sleep with the air conditioning cranked a little cooler. A house that’s too warm may irritate the pox and make her crankier. Also, light cotton blankets would be more soothing. If you wanted, you could even use the anti-itch lotion to give her a gentle massage (more like rubbing lightly in circles over her skin). Places where there are no pox you might be able to apply a bit more pressure. Sing to her. A pacifier might help at this time if you don’t already use one. Also, if you breastfeed, there’s the option of maybe letting her suckle even if she’s not eating as it may sooth her to sleep. Mainly: keep her cool, keep her comfortable and keep her calm.  

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